Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Yes, we're a day late...but we wanted to wish all our friends and family a Happy St. Patrick's Day!  We were very busy getting orders out and blogging slipped our minds.  If you're a follower on FaceBook, you did get our wish on time.  :)

It's safe to say, you 'will' get more updates if you "Like" us on FaceBook and, therefore, get our feed.  We won't inundate you with hundreds of posts...promise!  But, please, do pop on over and "Like"'s our link...

We mostly post about specials, sales, free shipping offers, photos and info on new items.  An occasional holiday wish is thrown in there as our fans/customers are special to us and we want to make sure you know it!  Watch for an upcoming 'raffle'!

So again....Happy St. Patrick's Day from Cactus and Coyote!



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