Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Awaiting Summer!

As I sit on this gloomy, chilly and rainy day ~ I can't get the images of sunny skies with puffy white clouds and bodies of still, dark blue water out of my mind.  I hear the calming sounds of the leaves blowing gently in the breeze ~ cooling the sweat from my brow. Crickets and birds chirping their gleeful songs put a smile on my face.  And then....I wake from my daydream ~ still cold and desperate for some this was the inspiration for my trio of Sodalite pieces ~ with their denim blues and streaks of white.  They brought a bit of hope that summer will, indeed, be here soon!


Sodalite Earrings
Stretchy Bracelet

Come and check out several new pieces that were just listed.  I'll soon be listing a beautiful Snowflake (brrrrr!) Obsidian necklace with a Bali style hinged heart pendant; a Red Agate necklace; a Black Agate necklace with a Brecciated Jasper donut pendant, and a real earthy Artisan stone necklace.  Lots of earrings are also waiting to be listed.

Cactus and Coyote 

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