Wednesday, October 21, 2009

VA Beach Quilter has Featured Me!

VA Beach Quilter has featured me on her blog! 

This is a blog you must visit!  She's very dedicated in promoting others out of the kindness of her heart.  This world needs more people like that!!  You can find feature after feature of many other artisans on her blog.  From there, you can visit VA Beach Quilter on ArtFire store. (or just click on the link)  With great karma, absolutely beautiful work and terrific're certain to find something for yourself, as a gift, or better yet....both!  Here are just a few items from her ArtFire shop.

           Original Market Bag                                                   Mini Mat

Kim, thank you so much for the great feature!  It means so, so much to me!!  The time you took is very much appreciated.  Sending many e-hugs your way!  Annie~

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VaBeachQuilter said...'re too sweet. It was my pleasure and thank YOU for the nice write-up. :O)